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With the help of his friends, he journeyed to the S-level danger class planet Misletoe to retrieve the antidote, only to return to find Celine all dried up. But in reality, she was germinating, and from her single seed, she emerges in the form of a human-like infant girl with a flower on her head. Rito cares very much for Celine and finds her both cute and innocent, taking her for walks, playing with her, and watering her along with all the other flowers in the garden even though it's not needed.

She seems to view Rito as her parent because of how he always takes care of her and because of her child-like appearance and closeness with him, she is often mistaken for his daughter. Even Rito's mother asked who the mother was, apparently, not curious who the father is. Deviluke Lala Satalin Deviluke At the beginning of the series, Rito was already having love troubles with his crush Haruna, and when Lala suddenly appeared in front of him, she only brought him much more trouble.

But as the series progresses, he becomes exceptionally good friends with Lala and even falls for her romantically. Rito even states that he feels uneasy when Lala is not around.

Rito started out very shy, inexperienced, and incompetent around women, until being forced to get used to the troublesome and shameless Lala, which greatly helped him become more comfortable around Haruna and women in general.

He's become extremely forgiving of Lala for any trouble she may unintentionally start, and deeply respects her as both his unofficial "girlfriend" and wife-to-be.

A lot of times, Rito is willing to risk his well-being, even his life for Lala. For example, when Black, a hitman, pointed a gun at Lala, Rito stood in front of Lala and refused to move away. It is because of all of his positive traits that she believes he is the most dependable person in the universe.

At the end of the original series, Rito confesses his love to Lala, while also telling her that he loves Haruna as well. Lala is ecstatic about this, however, noting that once their marriage is official, Earth laws will no longer matter, and he will be free to marry both Lala and Haruna. Rito is shocked by this, stating that Lala is "too open-minded" Chapter At first, it appeared that Lala was quite childish regarding her love for a generally unreliable boy, but as the series progressed and Rito gradually matures and shows his kinder side, it would appear that Lala was somewhat right about him and truly did see something special in him.

When Rito goes to comfort and gives advice and encouragement to a heartbroken Nana, Lala notices that Nana has cheered up, and she states that it's as expected of Rito To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter And while he states that Haruna is the one he "loves first", it is immensely implied through his actions around the both of them that this is chronologically speaking and that he loves the two of them equally.

While his main objective is to confess his love to Haruna, he has shown his love for Lala as often and as appropriately as he can and keeps it in mind and often frets over how to manage his feelings for both without causing the situation to hurt anyone.

As the series progresses, Rito considers Momo's Harem idea; however, he quickly shakes it off the first time. Overall, Rito has developed a very maturing, connected relationship with Lala, going with her on errands, weekend activities, after school events, and just hanging around the household like a regular couple. The two of them are very nearly boyfriend and girlfriend with all the other girls' in Rito's life being the only thing keeping the two of them from actually hooking up and share an overly complicated chemistry that goes beyond a typical boy-girl crush; one that is still developing and becoming a more understanding, mutual love.

Lala had put aside her own love for Rito until he had finally confessed to Haruna. But with some encouragement from Momo, Lala began acting like her old clingy self to Rito and still acts childish. With further help from Momo, she now approaches him in a more adult way, like coming to him in the bathtub and asking for a kiss.

But because of the pressure Rito has about the Harem plan and the situation with Nemesis, he rejects it. Lala understands that he must be going through a lot of complicated things. Instead, she kisses him on the cheek and tells him she will be waiting until he's ready, which Rito both appreciates and is surprised by.

At the beginning of Chapter 77, Lala suggests to Rito to have dates alternately with her and Haruna because both have confessed their feelings to Rito. While Rito was initially going to reject this idea, he thought back to all the memories he shared with Lala and realized how painful it would be to lose her that he started crying.

Lala is a very important existance in Rito life and vice versa for rito just the thought of lala not being apart of his life pains him greatly and gets anxious whenever she's not around as for Lala as there feelings continue to grow for each other throughout the series Rito has become a irreplaceable existance to her. Momo Belia Deviluke Rito is not as romantically attracted and attached to Momo as he is with her older sister, Lala, and he notes that Momo is more mischievous and cunninger compared to Lala.

Rito does grow to trust her and consider her a good and dependable friend, as she protects him from danger, and would want also to be there for her as well. He relates with Momo quite well and goes along with whatever mishaps she creates much more easily than he does with Lala's mischief.

Rito has grown to find a great deal of confidence in his relationship with Momo, talking with her about different issues in both of their lives on a normally mature basis. Because there are other girls who love Rito, Momo constantly tries to get him intimately closer with them and herself, sometimes through very chaotic and even poorly executed plans , thus creating the Harem plan.

She says the reason for doing this is to make everyone happy, but in truth, it's because she doesn't care whether she is second or third, as long as she is loved by him and wants to be by Rito's side all the time. Although he shakes it off at first, he slowly considers it, especially after seeing Run's true feelings towards him. Rito seems to start getting more interested in Momo sexually as seen in Darkness Chapter 73 where he has a dream about pushing Momo down and grabbing her breasts on purpose, while it actually was Lala in his futon at the time.

In Chapter 77 Momo has confessed her love for Rito and explained to him "The Harem Plan" was created by a weakness in her heart, but still, she wants to become the number one in Rito's heart. Nana Astar Deviluke Even though she can be abusive, rude, and short with him, Rito stills holds Nana in high regard as he does with both her sisters.

While she can annoy and even anger him through her thoughtless comments on his 'perverted ways', he does enjoy being around her like all the other members of the household. He has, multiple times, comforted and helped her through hard times, helping fix her broken friendship with Mea, with an added hug for comfort , giving her advice about getting along with family, and assuring her that men don't care about women's breast sizes.

Rito has admitted to her, while Momo was in her body , that she has a unique and wonderful personality, and holds her in high esteem when she proves her maturity on occasion. It is quite possible that Rito may even have feelings for Nana, shown by events such as when he felt embarrassed after hugging her out of nowhere to help her calm down, and almost kissing her when Momo, again in Nana's body, talked to him kindly and offered it to him.

In Chapter 35 of Darkness, Nana has shown some concern about the kind of things Rito might be going through. Sainan High Haruna Sairenji Haruna has been the girl of Rito's affections since before the start of the series purely due to her kind, caring, and forgiving nature that's very much like his own. She essentially represents the most normal and peaceful relationship Rito could have had among his love interests.

In many ways, Haruna would have made the perfect girlfriend for Rito, as she is similarly shy and modest, understands and loves Rito's kind and gentle nature, is very patient and forgiving of Rito's perverted clumsiness and has also harbored affectionate feelings for him.

Although Rito owes much to the bold and extroverted Lala for the friendship he now enjoys between himself, Lala, and Haruna, he now has both Lala's growing place in his heart and Haruna's loyalty and friendship to Lala to add to his indecisiveness. Rito greatly cares for Haruna while also loving her.

He comforts her whenever she feels frightened or awkward and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure her happiness and safety, much to her appreciation. He manages to get along very well with her, talking with her when he can summon the courage to do so and verbally appreciates her caring side to him and others around her.

Despite their somewhat intimate relationship, they still address each other by their last name Haruna calls Rito "Yuuki-kun", and Rito calls her "Sairenji". In Japanese culture, people who are close to each other often address their partners by their first name, and sometimes, they add honorifics -kun, -chan, -san, etc to determine their closeness.

Judging by this, their relationship may not be as stable and close as that of close friends, though both are trying their best to overcome their shyness.

However, Rito calls her "Haruna-chan" in his mind, in contrast with Nana calling him "Yuuki Rito" in her mind. Later on, in Chapter 54 in the manga, they accidentally kissed. Both have mixed feelings about their accidental kiss with the one they love, and the next day, they are too flustered to face each other.

But after pressure from Oshizu and Momo, both are about to finally confess their love to each other. But at the very last second, Haruna apologizes for the accidental kiss, and Rito simply forgives her, leaving their relationship in a currently awkward but good place. In chapter 75, Haruna confessed to Rito after defending him from Sainan High's male students because they were chasing him around. After she went into the equipment room with Rito, she was happy to know from Rito that a harem plan was not possible in his opinion and confessed to him, to which in return Rito replied, but the author left a cliffhanger by not stating what he replied.

Lala suggests to Rito to have dates alternately with her and Haruna because both have confessed their feelings to Rito.

Kenichi Saruyama Kenichi Saruyama is Rito's perverted male friend. They have been friends for a long time, and he is Rito's only real male friend.

Saruyama has been aware of Rito's crush on Haruna since before the start of the series, and he also understands Rito's incompetence around girls well enough that he wasn't at all surprised that Rito failed yet again to confess his love to Haruna. Saruyama has made some attempts to help Rito get together with Haruna. Although they are friends, they both have certain dislikes towards each other.

Rito doesn't like how other students see them grouped together when Saruyama starts acting and talking like a pervert, and Saruyama along with almost every boy in the school envies Rito for being close to Lala and with so many other popular girls, even though he already has feelings for Haruna. Saruyama has a crush on a girl named Riko Yuusaki , who, unknown to him, is actually Rito, transformed into a girl by Lala's inventions.

Saruyama is no less a pervert and a loser around "Riko" as he is any other time when he talks about girls, which disgusts Rito. Yui Kotegawa Being a strict, high-strung, and no-nonsense girl with little tolerance for unacceptable behavior and an impression that boys are generally shameless, it is no surprise that she often has a negative impression of Rito, claiming that he's even worse than the Principal.

In addition, she is often a target of Rito's perverted clumsiness, being caught in many provocative situations with him, much to her dismay and Rito's heartfelt and excessive apologies. Although she will likely never stop believing that boys are always shameless, with Rito being no exception, over time she comes to accept that Rito is different from most boys. As she gradually understands and appreciates Rito's kindness and accepts that Rito is still shameless but not a bad person, Yui warms up to him and grows to like him and her love for him grows more and more.

While Rito doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for her in return, he has shown to find her attractive, as evidenced by how embarrassed he was being alone with her in her room.

Rito also tends to compliment Yui on relatively small matters, such as her "cute" cat-pattern pool floaty and her yukata and is even willing to come forward and talk with her on casual terms as if there were no awkwardness between the two.

Rin Kujou Rin dislikes Rito's perverted clumsiness, especially around her, Aya and most of all Saki, and doesn't hesitate to hit him for it with her wooden sword sometimes with a real sword, and on one occasion, she used a gun on him. One time, she and Aya requested, or rather forced, Rito to arrange a meeting between Saki and Zastin, and when he helped them, Rin has shown a slightly better understanding towards him even willingly smiled at him , but unfortunately, that did not last long before Rito's clumsiness struck again, ending her short-lived respect for him, although she still acts quite formal towards him.

She has shown kindness and hospitality to Mikan and finds the younger sister to be a lot more reliable than her brother and has a better relationship with her. He has shown to be grateful when she helps his sister when she wasn't feeling well. Mikan agrees with Rin that he can be clumsy but tells her that he can be reliable when one is in trouble, however, she was unable to see him the way she does, but eventually does later. Despite showing resentment towards him, Rito willingly risked his life to save her from being possessed by the sword Bladix, standing up to the sword's consciousness and expressing about how she has those close to her, which greatly touches her.

Afterwards she appears to have changed her impression of him. She is now grateful to him, but this time in a clearly more bashful way, which is highly uncharacteristic to her usual composed and aloof self, and she likely has begun to grow affectionate feelings towards him To Love-Ru Darkness Chapter In Chapter 52, Rin and Rito go on a date, which was set up by Saki in order to get them closer together.

Initially, Rito believed that the "date" was to gather information on Zastin and during the entire date Saki was guiding Rin on what to do through an earpiece. When asking each other's daily lives, Rin was touched at the relationship Rito shares with Mika and was surprised that she and Rito both enjoy B-rated movies. However, the friendly atmosphere was ruined by Saki in an attempt to create a romantic setting. Later, when Rito found out that Saki set the date up for Rin, Rito stated how he admired the side of her that is willing to go so far for her friends, causing Rin to smile and blush "Thank you".

At the end of their date, when Haruna arrived, Rin noticed the two's reactions to each other and decided to leave the two alone. After leaving she reflected on how before she thought that a date was a "tedious thing" and something that she didn't need.

However, she goes on to say that she's changed her mind and was unexpected by how it made her feel. Tearju Lunatique Tearju temporarily became Rito's homeroom teacher when she heard that Yami had been staying on Earth and was attending his school. The teasing of various pairings means that there is good coverage for the whole cast and satisfy the viewer no matter which pairing they are a fan of.

As you can expect, there is fan service at every opportunity, much more than the first season but it is also done better. The cast will turn up in swimsuits and lingerie, while the camera will focus on certain areas such as up skirts, no character is safe from this. The fan service can be too frequent at times so it loses its impact and ranges from teasing to almost crossing the line. The anime reuses a lot of plot gimmicks, swapping bodies being the most frequent.

This means that there can be a sense of repetition whenever it turns up but the events that happen afterwards are different each time. Whether it is different enough depends on your preferences.

The season final has a surprising confession but is resolved in a true Lala and To Love Ru fashion. As a result, it has an open ending, although significant progress has been made that even Rito acknowledged. It is funny although at times it seems to reuse the plot gimmick too much.