Trojan Airguns
Perdigón cabezón

Too High Or To High

And to focus too much on all the high-technology possibilities that exist. Gentlemen, your priceis much too high for me. The sound is much too high for human ears.

Financial support from Member State governments is much too high. You got it much too high. Although the amount may be decreasing, it is still much too high. Head outside and take a short stroll but stick to somewhere close and familiar, now is not the time to explore.

Add some soothing scents like lavender or eucalyptus to your water, play some relaxing music, and take a few deep breaths while in the tub. It can also help with sleepiness and munchies, if those are also causing you alarm.

Dosage varies so take it slow and see how you feel. They can help you come down safely if nothing else works. To is also used to indicate a range or a period of time, like when you say it will take you five to ten minutes to finish something. There are other things for which we use the word to, but by now you should know enough of them to make sure you notice the difference between it and too. To, Too, and Two Apart from being spelled very similarly, to and too are pronounced the same—[too].

For those who know the difference, a few minutes of proofreading should fix the issue.