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Perdigón cabezón

Vending Machine Pickup Line

Spice Up Your Sex Life! Because I call my little friend Bill. Because I need some soda. And you look soda-licious. This pick-up line is cheesy and sweet. Them: No, why? And that you know a lot about vending machines! Them: No. You: The vending machine has a pick-up box with a drop sensor. I have a pick-up line box with no sensor for awkwardness.

I only date human beings. This is more like a dry joke that tells someone you want to date them, plusgets the conversation going. Because I see you have all the right snacks I desire! Because your lips look like candies! You look soda-licious and I gotta get some. Babe, are you a vending machine? I keep on walking past and wanting a piece of you. Are you stuck in a vending machine? Cuz I wanna take you out Babe, are you a vending machine?

How far can my fist reach in? Are you a goldfish? Did it hurt when you fell from a vending machine? Because your snack is here. Feeling thirsty? Reach down to this vending machine and see what surprises you will get. Girl, you are like a mystery vending machine, I will keep inserting till I hit that jackpot. Did it hurt? You look like a damn fine cookie that fell from the vending machine.

Girl, you so hot! Are you a Mexican snack? Because you are cheesy and hot! I am a vending machine, shake it right, girl, and I will fulfill your wildest dreams. I guess we should skip dinner and directly go to my place. Because you are a snack and enough for me to eat. I have all the D-imes you need. I think I might be a cannibal Because every time I look at you, all I see is a treat. I thought this was a vending machine because you look like a snack.