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Were Not Really Strangers Daily Text Messages

But what is one compliment she wishes she could hear more often? The game asks thought-provoking questions like this, allowing me to get to know her even better than I had before. The level-one questions in the game were easy for us because it felt like a normal 2 a. But when we got to the highest third-level questions, we were both at a loss.

The difference between a 2 a. Around 14, I picked up my first camera and quickly discovered the superpower it gave me. My camera was my passport to people and allowed me to have instant intimacy with the people I came across, even strangers.

The answers I heard gave me perspective and helped me heal. I became passionate about not only having more interactions like that, but empowering others to do the same. The game sets out to break down barriers.

It was super important for me to create a tangible product. I wanted something you could hold. Something that would force you to get off your phone, even if for a moment. The physical element of those things feels special to me. Your new expansion pack tackles race and privilege; a subject people tend to steer clear of.

Had you planned this as a new avenue for the game for a while? But recent news made it clear to me and my team that this particular expansion pack was long overdue. The day after the George Floyd story started circulating, our company Zoom meeting was filled with a lot of tears and vulnerability.

It began when a team member started the call by expressing her own pain regarding the recent news. That alone opened up the gates to a long, uncomfortable, and very necessary conversation. But simply admitting to that, I was able to learn that showing up imperfectly is better than not showing up at all.