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What To Wear To A Beach Date

Maxi Dress and Wedges for an Evening Coastal Dinner A maxi dress instantly makes you feel pulled together with little effort at all. There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from and multiple ways to style them to change up the look for whatever the date calls for. A maxi dress is also a great option if you need ideas for what to wear on a girls night out.

Namaste Winnie Long Dress The stunning green hue of the Namaste Winnie Long Dress is definitely date-worthy with a feminine scalloped hemline and tie front detail to complete the design. Wear it with a straw hat and resort wear sandals, both of which should be mainstay accessories of your best beach outfits. Love the cut, but want a lighter color? Try the Giverny Scarf Dress paired with gold sandals and accessories.

The pink hues of this maxi dress feel ultra-romantic for a beach date scheduled for golden hour. With the deep-V neckline and 24k Gold-dipped charms, this dress makes the perfect effortlessly luxurious look. Finish off the look with a pair of your favorite strappy heels. Gisa Midi Dress When you want to show off your fiery side, the Gisa Midi Dress boasts an exotic cheetah print that will make you stand out.

This flattering dress has an adjustable tied wrap skirt front that ctreates the illusion of a slit. New to midi dresses? Learn what a midi dress is and how to style a midi dress. Serena Jumpsuit The stunning green of the Serena Jumpsuit in Bamboo is chic and sophisticated, making it readymade date wear. Features such as the bandeau neckline add a flirty appeal to the look without needing to rely on accessories to elevate the style. Silver jewelry and metallic sandals play up the cool tone of the jumpsuit, but gold is a good match, too.

Another style option is skipping the jewelry altogether and wearing a colorful head scarf that fits in with the breezy nature of your environment, while still looking chic and polished. Yana Jumpsuit The Yana Jumpsuit exudes refined elegance and is perfect for a coastal date. For example, sandals with an ankle strap or gladiator sandals are the perfect accompaniment for a maxi dress or jumpsuits.

Avoid slides or flip-flops as they are too casual for an evening date. If you really want to wear heels, opt for wedges that are easier to walk in.

Also, bring a pair of flat shoes to wear when you walk on the beach, or simply take your shoes off to walk barefoot. Pumps or moccasins are an excellent option for an evening beach date during the colder seasons. In addition, you can wear shoes with detailing or golden accents to give your outfit a more formal appearance.

A denim jacket or casual blazer will be perfect to pair with a jumpsuit or maxi dress. Choose a plain-colored jacket if you want to keep the focus on the rest of your outfit, or select a jacket with gilded inserts and finishes to complete the look. In addition to a jacket, you can also bring a sarong or scarf. This can double as a blanket or ground cover when sitting on the sand.

Jewelry can change any outfit from plain to fabulous. So an evening beach date is a perfect opportunity to pull out some of your lesser-worn items. Just be sure to wear nothing with sentimental value that can get lost in the sand. A detailed necklace, hooped earrings, or stacked bracelets work exceptionally well on the beach.

Keep to pearls or beads for a more casual look, or wear gold for a formal evening beach date. Style Your Hair According To The Weather While long beachy curls are the dream hairstyle for an evening beach date, they might not be the best option for a windy evening. If you suspect it will be windy on your date, go for a half updo or romantic updo. Curl your hair and pin it back with embellished hair clips or visit Pinterest for some beautiful hairstyle tutorials.

Putting some effort into your hairstyle will also help to elevate your outfit and look. If you decide to wear your hair down, bring a hair tie or hair clips to pull it back if it bothers you.

Let Your Makeup Reflect The Occasion Usually, for a beach date, the advice would be to have simple, natural makeup that fits with the scenery. However, if you wear a plain outfit or want to add something extra to make your outfit fancier, your makeup is the place to do so.

Either go for bold eyes and a neutral lipstick, or bold lipstick and down toned eyes. Adding red lipstick is a beautiful way to elevate a black or white maxi dress or jumpsuit. Use glitter eyeshadow to turn your outfit into something genuinely date-worthy. Conclusion What you wear on your evening beach date is ultimately up to you. However, the tips in this article will help you dress beautifully yet still be comfortable enough to enjoy your evening beach date to its fullest extent.

Remember to bring a jacket and check the weather report before deciding what to wear for your evening beach date.