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What Would We Do Without You

This bloody song! It was one of the most difficult to put together, yet the first to be written. I came back to it 18 months later and pieced it together. It doesn't really have a story. It's just me trying to write a song, ha-ha. Obviously the imagery you get as a child is very strong. This is about who you can or cannot confide in when there's something you can't talk about.

Was it sister or mother? I can't remember. It was so elusive, and even today I don't like to talk about it, because I never really felt it let me know what it's about. It's just kind of a song that pulled itself together, and with a tremendous amount of encouragement from people around me. There were so many times I thought it would never get on the album. But I'm really pleased it did now. They were one of the last things to do.

I just couldn't find out what the song was about, though the tune was there. The first verse was always there, and that was the problem, because I'd already set some form of direction, but I couldn't follow through. I didn't know what I wanted to say at all. I guess I was just tying to make a song that was comforting, up tempo, and about how when things get really bad, it's alright really - "Don't worry old bean.

Someone will come and help you out. Then we got the drummer, and it stayed like that for at least a year and a half. Then I thought maybe it could be okay, so we got Dave Gilmour in. I want you in my life, now and always.

Life Without U Quotes Life without you quotes for him or her. What would I do without you? A large part of me feels lost just at the thought of what would I do without you? Almost nothing. I cherish you. I asked what would I do without you?

Let me think, what would I do without you? Do you think I would do anything without you? I love you and anywhere with you, is home. What would I want to do without you? So, what would I do without you? When I adore you. I love you more. If I was asked what would I do without you?

Something whispers to me, that without you, I might lose myself. My heart beats for you. Life would be messy without you. Me thinking what I would do without you, is me giving up on life. I breathe in the air you exhale.