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Which Blur Member Are You

Hunky Dory is one of the greatest albums ever made. They were just the fears that any sane person has. The dead ends that people can go down. But you were still writing about them from a superior position. I worked hard and made a lot of stupid mistakes. I still do. Well, I do have a big Oliver!

Then he just disappeared and a year later he got a bill and none of the people had left the party. Then he sold all the fights to his songs. The man was on it big time. Have you seen Oasis play live? No, never. Their audience is much older than yours.

Would you prefer that to the screaming girls? But with the Screaming Girl Thing, people carry those experiences for a long time. They may never forget it. So in that respect, this tour has given people a lot of strong and very positive feelings. So, in that respect, I know it will pay off in the future. Obviously, that male, beer-drinking audience is truer to my own life experience, but going to see a band is more of a throwaway thing to them. Kids now seem to take it for granted that there is no Cold War.

I was a Reagan-Thatcher kid and we were convinced that the world was really a very dark place with sinister people behind the Iron Curtain. CND was huge. Everyone in my school drew the symbol on their books and bags. If your vision of the future is so bleak, would you consider having children? My head wants to adopt but my heart would dearly love to have my own child. And what if Justine wanted to have kids? Are you depressive? I am rich. I fucking am. I know roughly. You have, In effect, financially, at least, won the National Lottery.

How can the National Lottery make people happier? How can it make their lives better? All I want is a nice holiday and a new carpet. What does money mean to you? Failed my test twice. When I had next to no money, I spent virtually all of it on taxis. Now I get on the tube with my woolly hat pulled down over my face like a thug and get home for a quid. Do you worry about the other members of Blur? All the time. I knew Graham before he smoked and drank.

Does the amount of cocaine that surrounds the band bother you? Everyone is taking drugs apart from Graham and me. We are virtually the only exceptions in the entire scene. You were having panic attacks. Yeah, and they may or may not have come from taking coaine. After trying numerous remedies from acupuncture to back specialists, I sorted it out myself.

Panic attacks are very much a modern condition. Have you addressed them in your writing? You often seem to rely on characterisation to address personal issues. Country House is about panic attacks. I wrote it when Kurt Cobain died because I think he might have suffered from them. Do you ever feel restricted by Blur? No, not really. I do other things all the time anyway.

Is that what will split Blur up? Who knows? And now, possibly due to the relief, Damon has to go to the lavatory. I feel dreadful. But I suppose I am a pop star. I think the emphasis gets placed on my roistering because the other members of the band are all in steady relationships. That word is actually in the dictionary. There is a danger, on tour especially of losing who you are and just becoming this hedonistic horror.

But, as Robert Louis Stevenson pointed out, the traveller must be content. Touring is an emotional and spiritual roller-coaster. You go from feeling magnificent and gorgeous to feeling… suicidal. What class do you consider yourself to be? My grandparents were working-class. My dad earnt money and would be classified as rniddle-class. There are draw-backs with being working-class or middle-class and there are enormous drawbacks with being posh. Port out, starboard home.

Are you a shag pig? And many more besides. You were linked with Helena Christiansen. By the press. Are you an alcoholic? Well, drinking makes me happy. We drink a lot. But I also have a day off every week and I stick to that. What do people think of you? It can go to your head and sometimes it does. Do you ever get punched? There has to be two people who want to have a fight for there to be one.

What would split Blur up? Me shagging their girl-friends. Do you enjoy that role? Bu have no desire to be very well known or go out front and sing and throw shapes.

Do you think you get paid too much? Well, it would be very hard to complain about it. Nothing worse than moaning musicians, is there? But you fly planes. Dave Gilmour files planes. What is Alex James farm called? Kingham is a village in the Cotswolds about 4 miles southwest of Chipping Norton.

Is Blur still together ? Has Blur broken up? Blur has not officially broken up, however they have been on an extended hiatus for several years. Is Blur posh? However, Blur did themselves no favours. Who was better Oasis or Blur? Are the Smiths Britpop? Style, roots and influences Britpop bands show elements from the British pop music of the s, glam rock and punk rock of the s, and indie pop of the s in their music, attitude, and clothing.

The influence of the Smiths is common to the majority of Britpop artists. Does Damon Albarn wear a wig? Damon then added lyrics and the 12 tracks on The Magic Whip is the result.

What happened to Alex James? Description: Alex James was a runner, like his dad. One day, he collapsed during a run and was hospitalized for five days. He went through lots of tests, but was given a clean bill of health. Then, a month later, he collapsed again, fell into a deep coma, and died.

Who does Alex James support? For a while, Michael Jackson was the musician most synonymous with Fulham, thanks to a hideous statue outside the ground, but at least the fans now have someone a bit more local. Is Dave Rowntree married? Personal life. In , Rowntree married Paola, a Canadian woman.

Do you swear on the life of the lead singer of Blur? On the life of the lead singer of Blur?