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Who Sang Missing You Originally

Pained at her emotional and physical assault, he sadly remembers being at one of her photo shoots. Trying to be cool, Waite leans on a lighting stand but misses and stumbles. Seeing this, she lovingly laughs at his fumbling. Back to the present, Waite tries to call her from a phone booth, but when the woman finally picks up the phone, her only connection is to a dangling phone in an empty phone booth. Waite is gone. Gabriel Gala Every generation has his music!!!

That's for sure and there's no doubt.. The 80'music is the BEST and with the most hits that will be listen for years from now.. The music now, is just noise, but who knows maybe im too old: The veterans knows what im saying..

I ain't missing you , I ain't missing you Especially in this song. Because I felt the pain, I feel that when John wrote this song. I just felt that it needs to be sung loud, you know what I mean?!

But I just felt it should be yelled out, sung with the pain he had. Because I think he sung it in thought. I think he was thinking of what was happening at that time. I understood that he wrote it, lying about whatever, as he was recording it. So, in thought was one thing, and then with the reality, it was the reality obviously because it was what was happening in his life. But, the song, aside from that, the song itself is a very special song! I think, anyone with heartbreak, and there are a lot of people out there with the pain, one way or another, will take onto this song.

Just in my voice, and in my feelings for what I felt that was portrayed in the lyrics.