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Who Sings If Loving You Is Wrong

Depends on the situation it could be better for everybody all the way around Rose Kazmerski Barbara Mandrell has a very beautiful singing talented voice, she is my favorite best singer ever! I love to listen to country music on my radio.

This song reminds me of riding the school bus through the country for an hour every morning to school. Love the late 70s early 80s country tunes although I'm a Rock and Jazz person. Great memories. Denise Mancina Great song awsome singer but married people are off limits!!! These type of songs are great but you dont have to live by them! There's some Country singers out there Shania, Barbra, Loretta, the late Dottie West, and Dolly Parton that has soulful voices and this is coming from a black young man who grew up on both gospel, soul, and country music!

Despite warnings from his friends, he just can't help the way he feels, and is compelled to be with the other woman. Banks, Jackson and Hampton wrote the song in the middle of the night sometime around He took the tape and worked out a more mournful arrangement with a gospel feel.

Millie Jackson used this song as the basis for her landmark album Caught Up, where she sung the first side of the album from the perspective of the mistress and the second side as the wife who was being cheated on. In our interview with Millie Jackson , she said: "When I write a story like that, I like to balance it out so people on both sides can see what's going on.