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Who Sings Let It Be Christmas

They just play it straight, delivering chill holiday music that you can kick back to as you enjoy your cocoa or favorite adult beverage with your honey. We've needed a fresher, updated version of the classic rendition, and this just might be it! The s boys band kept the theme of the traditional holiday song but departed extensively from its original lyrics.

Using strong harmonies, the group imparts their passion-filled rendition in a nice and easy manner at a pace much slower than the traditional song. You'll notice that there's no "corn for poppin'" in this version, and to be honest, it's really just raining and sleeting outside. Gone, too, is the old line about love "as long as you love me so". It's clear that the narrator wants to get his sexy on with the woman in his life, although he inelegantly expresses his intent "we got a thing here, can't let it slip away.

Finally, he references their bodies meeting and invites her to come a little closer. The lead singer uses vibrato to convincingly convey the narrator's slow emotional yearning, thereby making this version of the song a good choice for a night of holiday romance, if ya know what I mean. His version is chirpy, light, and bouncy, although in places he may lean into the twang a little too much. He made history in when he earned the New Artist Award from the Country Music Association, the first black artist to have done so and the only second black person to have ever been granted any award by the Association.

Lead singer Hillary Scott offers pleasing vocals, but they ring somewhat hollow as if she's not quite feeling the lyrics. It's upbeat, overly quick-paced and brasher than it needs to be. Actress, singer, and reality television star Jessica Simpson offers up a razzle-dazzle mix of drums and brass instruments that don't hold back. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. More about us.

Dec 10, Getty Just about every activity during the holidays involves a soundtrack of Christmas songs. Whether you're baking up some delicious holiday cookies , indulging in a marathon of the best Christmas movies , or even just in the car to go shopping, the perfect background music to get you in the spirit of the season is ever-present.

And let's be honest: You are percent humming or full-on singing! While we'll never get tired of old-fashioned classic Christmas songs , there's something about holiday tunes sung by our favorite country artists that really sets a down-home, country Christmas mood.

Guess whose beard is long and white? Long and white? It's dear old Santa. Guess whose suit is red and white? Red and white? It's dear old San-ta! Guess who comes on Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve?