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Why Do Guys Give You Their Number

We all hate repeating fruitless efforts. He is not assuming anything about you, just that he is be interested in a follow-up conversation. He is giving you control of telling you your status by acting on his gesture or not. He is giving you the option to continue the relationship instead of expecting to be able to control it. Guys tend to see this move as gutless and pathetic, but to women it can be very endearing. He is allowing you total control of the situation which will let you set the pace for your relationship as well.

I gave her my number. As my way of knowing if she was interested in me or not. If she didn't text or call. Then she wasn't. But if she did then great. Which by the way she did. Id rather have put myself on the spot. By giving her my number. Then making her feel pressured. I've gotten numbers before. And never sent a text or call. Cause simply, i wasn't interested. If the woman i gave my number to. Yea i would have been bummed. But hey at least i tried right.

I put myself out there. I made myself vulnerable. Just cause a man or woman. Gives out their number. To me He's more outgoing and shy so I feel he thinks he's the sh! And he never texted me first. Whenever he saw me in person he'd tell me to text him! And the one time I texted him on my own without him telling me he doesn't reply.

I didn't expect a reply because I just texting him saying our mutual friend has her birthday.