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Why You Should Date A Teacher

Middle school teachers have a ton of stress as they deal with dozens if not hundreds of angsty adolescents who would rather be anywhere but in class. High school teachers have their own sets of considerations, including helping students prepare for college applications and that means more time spent outside of class.

If nothing else, patience is the name of the game when dating a teacher, but read on for a breakdown of the major pros and cons. Teachers start their days early and they often have to work late when you factor in after school activities. But they also get a lot of time off.

Teachers get all of the major holidays off, along with winter break often two weeks and spring break a week and sometimes even a week off for Thanksgiving. If you love to travel, then dating a teacher could be a perfect match because there will be lots of time to get away from it all. Kind-Hearted Peopleā€¦ Teachers are known for their amazing compassion for others.

They care so much about their kids and you can safely assume that their consideration and compassion will extend to significant others. They are the kind of people you want to bring home to meet your parents. Teachers will treat you with respect and they will place a very high value on your relationship because it is important to them.

They love a good time, and they will keep you on your toes because they spend all day with students. Adult time is important, and that means lots of fun dates and exciting weekends. Teachers will also surprise you with their wild sides.

It takes extra schooling and lots of certification, both initial and ongoing, to become a teacher. Good teachers never stop learning so that they can bring innovative ideas into their classrooms. That dedication speaks volumes about teachers, and it says a lot about what you can expect in a relationship. While school will always be a major influence in their lives, they put an emphasis on family and generally want to have families of their own.

They work with kids, after all. Some professions are prone to having reputations for cheating, but teachers generally enjoy stable relationships and want to find their partner, making them very ideal dates. Teachers spend lots of time outside of class grading homework and tests. The same goes with lesson planning.

Even when a school has a lesson plan schedule, there is still preparation required and that usually happens over the weekend ahead of the school week or the night before. Or both. When report cards are due, expect a mad rush of last minute grading ahead of the deadline because there are always things that are left to the last minute that need to be graded. They teach some classes in a day, have a teacher's meeting every few days within a week, check the students' homework, make quizzes and exams, make learning textbooks, and any other teaching stuff.

To maintain these whole things going well, a teacher should work hard. A teacher loves to motivate their students A teacher's job is very precious. They help their students to understand what they didn't. They guide the students about what they should do and what they shouldn't in order to achieve a betterment in their studies. Moreover, a teacher encourages their students to believe in their selves that they can make their dream come true.

Sometimes, everybody needs someone to motivates them about chasing their dreams. The students always have their teacher's support to make their way to the top. A teacher cares about the other people A teacher can't just care about their selves only.