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Wife Getting Ready For Date Pics

Ask her if she would be okay with having more intimate exchanges over text—specifically, sending photos. For an introductory pic, you could text, "How do you feel about sending selfies? Would you be comfortable with exchanging NSFW photos?

Advertisement 2 of Get to know her. You can help her to feel comfortable around you by earnestly getting to know her. So, ask her questions about herself and listen when she talks to you. Be yourself, and be sure to share details about yourself when she asks; getting to know someone includes sharing as much information as you take in. Ask her for a funny, less romantic pic. Ask about the things that are important to her. Another great way to help her feel more comfortable with sending photos over text is to compliment her.

Your girl is more likely to be in a mood to share pics of herself when she's feeling flattered and knows you're interested. Make sure your compliments are specific and sincere. Every time I look into them, it brightens my day! Even if she mentions a pet doing something funny, that could be your transition into getting pics. While you might not know everything going on in her life, you can generally use common sense here to figure out a good time.

For example, later at night you could text her, "Hey there! Do you have time for a bedtime selfie? Want to exchange photos? Girls will respond positively to a request that is both sincere and respectful. Would you mind sending a photo or two? Send me a selfie? You could start by telling her about a fond and steamy memory of her or a fantasy you have. Some flirty examples could be: "I had the hottest dream about you last night. Even if your date doesn't make it past the first night out, these outfits are cute enough to work into your spring rotation.

Date or no date, you'll be serving looks that could kill. To make your getting ready process a little bit easier, read up on the best date outfits that will leave your maybe future bae speechless.

Mesh panelling is a good way to give your date a peak at some skin, without being too obvious about it. Show off your personality with a vintage-y scarf and cardigan.

It's perfect for a casual lunch date. Sheer Top and a Leather Skirt Getty Images Leather, pleather, faux leather — they all give off a rock n'roll, cool-girl vibe. Try one in a vampy color, then pair it up with a sheer top and bralette.

A blazer and tee is an unexpected date night look. Accessorize with hoops and tall boots so it feels like a full outfit. Leopard print is basically a neutral, so pair it with a glitzy gold top and cute booties. Go for a mini dress with a bustier bodice no, it doesn't have to be latex for major hot-girl vibes.

Channel your inner bombshell in a sexy leather mini and thigh high boots. Pair a simple animal print mini with equally flirty footwear, like Kendall Jenner's knee-high leather boots.

The partially-sheer top shows off the goods, without being too revealing. Add booty-hugging black skinnies and a sultry red lip for major babe points. For a more low-key meet-up, reach for this classic duo.

Sultry textures like faux leather and leopard print suede will still make you look and feel super sexy. Slinky Slip Dress Getty Images A satin mini dress is the perfect date night outfit, because well, it's basically lingerie — and it doesn't get much hotter than that.

Pair it up with big sparkly earrings, and elegant sandals. Layer it over a fitted tee if you're trying for a little more relaxed vibe. Balance out the flash of skin with a structured cut, like this blazer dress. It's super hot, but polished at the same time.