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Unlike typical American crosswords , in which every square is almost always checked that is, each square provides a letter for both an across and a down answer , only about half of the squares in a cryptic crossword are checked.

In most daily newspaper cryptic crosswords, grid designs are restricted to a set of stock grids. In the past this was because hot metal typesetting meant that new grids were expensive. In The Times , for example, all words have at least half the letters checked, and although words can have two unchecked squares in succession, they cannot be the first two or last two letters of a word.

The grid shown here breaks one Times grid rule: the letter words at 9 and 24 across each have 8 letters unchecked out of The Independent allows setters to use their own grid designs.

Word boundaries are denoted by thick lines called "bars". In these variety puzzles, one or more clues may require modification to fit into the grid, such as dropping or adding a letter, or being anagrammed to fit other, unmodified clues; unclued spaces may spell out a secret message appropriate for the puzzle theme once the puzzle is fully solved. The solver also may need to determine where answers fit into the grid.

A July "Puzzlecraft" section in Games magazine on cryptic crossword construction noted that for cryptic crosswords to be readily solvable, no fewer than half the letters for every word should be checked by another word for a standard cryptic crossword, while nearly every letter should be checked for a variety cryptic crossword. In most UK "advanced cryptics" 'variety cryptic' , at least three-quarters of the letters in each word are checked.

Regional variation[ edit ] British and North American differences[ edit ] There are notable differences between British and North American including Canadian cryptics. American cryptics are thought of as holding to a more rigid set of construction rules than British ones.

American cryptics usually require all words in a clue to be used in service of the wordplay or definition, whereas British ones allow for more extraneous or supporting words.

In American cryptics, a clue is only allowed to have one subsidiary indication, but in British cryptics the occasional clue may have more than one; e. In Poland similar crosswords are called " Hetman crosswords". In Finnish , this type of crossword puzzle is known as piilosana literally "hidden word" , while krypto refers to a crossword puzzle where the letters have been coded as numbers. In India the Telugu publication Sakshi carries a "Tenglish" Telugu-English, bilingual cryptic crossword; [16] the Prajavani and Vijaya Karnataka crossword Kannada also employs cryptic wordplay.

Types of cryptic clues[ edit ] Clues given to the solver are based on various forms of wordplay. Nearly every clue has two non-overlapping parts to it: one part that provides an unmodified but often indirect definition for the word or phrase, and a second part that includes the wordplay involved.

Most cryptic crosswords provide the number of letters in the answer, or in the case of phrases, a series of numbers to denote the letters in each word: "cryptic crossword" would be clued with " 7,9 " following the clue. More advanced puzzles may drop this portion of the clue. This is usually indicated by words such as "strange", "bizarre", "muddled", "wild", "drunk", or any other term indicating change.

Anagram clues are characterized by an indicator word adjacent to a phrase that has the same number of letters as the answer. The indicator tells the solver that there is an anagram they need to solve to work out the answer. Indicators come either before or after the letters to be anagrammed. In an American cryptic, only the words given in the clue may be anagrammed; in some older puzzles, the words to be anagrammed may be clued and then anagrammed.

So in this clue: Chew honeydew fruit 5 Chew is the anagram indicator; honeydew clues melon, which is to be anagrammed; and fruit is the definition for the answer, LEMON. Signing bottles, taking fan pics and making speaking appearances at launches in London and Stockholm is equally incredible. But, like all things, there are challenges every day. For one, building a luxury brand takes time. We go to museums, we travel, we surround ourselves with people who are curious, creative, interested and interesting.

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